A commUnity for all

We want everyone to feel comfortable being themselves at work. We want everyone to feel valued, respected, and have a real opportunity to excel within the company. That’s why we have “commUnity,” our award-winning diversity and inclusion program.

We understand that it’s our differences that make us strong. Our team comes from all walks of life. And while our cultures are different, religions are different, genders are different, sexual identities are different, and so much more – we work together to reach the same goal, to help our customers unlock the possibilities of their technology. Our differences allow us to innovate quickly and problem solve, but most importantly they allow us to deliver on what our customers really want because we understand who they are.

Asurion PRIDE Chapter in Houston
PRIDE members in our Houston Chapter volunteered at the 2019 Houston PRIDE Parade

What is CommUnity?

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are at the heart of commUnity. ERGs unify our team members with common interests for networking, mentorship, problem solving, and volunteerism. They help all of us better understand and appreciate team members who have different styles, perspectives, and ideas than our own.

We have a growing number of active ERGs at Asurion:

  • Black Employees Supporting Talent (BEST): Contributes to the growth and development of employees that self-identify as Black, African American, West Indian or of African descent – activities include professional development, career management, and mentoring/coaching that enables retention and growth. Read about BEST in action here.
  • Experienced Innovators: Provides support to team members who have been in the workforce for a significant period; gives insight on hiring and retaining mature professionals and collaborates with our ERGs on generational differences.
  • ¡HOLA!: Works to foster an inclusive workplace and help recruit, develop and retain top Latino and/or Hispanic talent within Asurion through education and awareness
  • HOPE: Dedicated to the support, understanding and inclusion of differently abled individuals and their caregivers through education, inspiration, awareness and community involvement.
  • Mosaic: Empowers and engages the multicultural community at Asurion and beyond through inclusion, development and appreciation.
  • PRIDE (LGBTQ and allies): Promotes equality, education and camaraderie in the workplace while providing training and career development for our LGBTQ workforce. Read about how our inclusive workplace led to a perfect score and more about our PRIDE ERG.
  • REMOTE: Aims to strengthen our community through education, awareness and inclusion of remote employees while developing and enabling both growth and retention; fosters an inclusive workplace between remote and onsite employees.
  • Veterans Service Group (VSG): Provides value to the Asurion community through education, awareness and inclusion of Veteran employees; operates as a service organization to enrich the lives of those in need within the surrounding communities. See how our Veterans are getting involved and making a difference.
  • Women’s Initiative Network (WIN): Inspires and empowers women to achieve their full potential by promoting personal and professional growth in a working environment that leverages the diversity of all people. Learn about how WIN is raising the bar at Asurion.
  • Young Professionals: Seeks to create a culture of inclusion and learning where professionals of any age at any point in their career can come together for guidance and support. Read about how you can network and grow your career through YP.


In 2017, our Diversity & Inclusion team started the #BeBold Breakfast series. They take “hot topics” relating to inclusion that you normally wouldn’t talk about at work, and start a conversation. The goal is to drive awareness of broader perspectives and experiences. And it’s been successful!

The first #BeBold Breakfast was around the #MeToo movement and gender equality in the workplace. Those who attended, both men and women, said they felt more knowledgeable and comfortable discussing the topic because of the event. Since then, they’ve held conversations around racial equality, religious equality, the ABC’s of LGBTQIA+ and more.

Every single one of our team members is unique. You don’t check who you are when you walk in to work, you bring that with you. Whether you’re an immigrant, LGBTQ, a racial minority or a parent, we want you to feel like you can bring your best self to work.

Asurion Be Bold Breakfast event

CommUnity members participated in #BeBold Breakfast on racial equality

Through our ERGs and events like our #BeBold Breakfasts we are creating safe spaces for all of our team members to share their perspectives and learn from each others’ experiences.

Powered by people who care

Our ERGs reflect our own diverse commUnity here at Asurion, and we’re proud of what they’ve helped us accomplish. Whether it’s within the walls of our locations all around the world or out in our communities, our ERGs have set the tone for cultivating an environment of teamwork at every level.

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