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  1. Locate the job description
  2. Click the “apply now” button
  3. Create your profile
  4. Provide your information and upload your resume
  5. Submit your application

After receiving your application, a recruiter may contact you for a phone screen. After that, expect a few rounds of phone, video or in-person interviews (depending on how far you make it in the interview process). Finally, your recruiter will call to offer you the job if you are selected.

Our talent network is a database of all our potential candidates and their interests. When you join, you’ll receive notifications about opportunities that interest you.


Asurion is the world’s largest tech care solutions company with more than 25K employees globally. We ensure our 350M+ customers worldwide have the tech protection, repair services and customer support they need to keep their lives running uninterrupted. We do everything from repairing or replacing damaged devices and home appliances to setting up the latest addition to a connected home.

Asurion is a collaborative workplace for professionals to work hard, accomplish their goals and grow.