We’re a top workplace for women in tech

We’re hiring more women at all levels by removing bias and barriers from the hiring process and providing growth opportunities and promotions from within to deserving employees.

WIN inspires and empowers women to achieve their full potential and drives awareness and education about issues impacting women. With 3,400+ members globally, WIN promotes positive change at Asurion and eliminates barriers through professional development opportunities, forums and networking.

We provide work flexibility for employees to take care of themselves and their families.

Our discretionary paid time off program gives employees the freedom to take vacation time and personal days as needed.

A typical resume gap like taking time off to raise a family is considered life experience. We hire talented and experienced professionals who apply their life experiences to the next stage of their careers. 

Among our diversity programs is the Active Ally: Better Together educational training. It serves as a safe place to discuss the unique challenges women experience at work and in the communities where they live.