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Today’s workforce is unlike any we’ve seen before. It looks different. It cares differently. It’s way more connected. According to Pew Research Center, millennials and Generation Z make up more than 40% of the American workforce. That number will continue to grow.

At Asurion, we’re powered by people who take pride in taking care of our customers. And for us to know our customers, we have to know ourselves. That’s why we started commUnity, a platform that gives light and life to creative ideas and business solutions that benefit out customers all while helping to create and maintain a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Our Young Professionals (YP) Employee Resource Group (ERG) is one of our 10 ERGs that keep the pulse of our company culture. Our ERGs strive to maintain an inclusive work environment where everyone, no matter their background, race, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, ability or age, feels comfortable to bring their true self to work. Want to learn more? Read more about ERGs and our community here.

About Asurion’s Young Professionals (YP) ERG

Millennials and Gen Z team members make up most of our Young Professionals ERG, but anyone can join. YP’s mission is to create a culture of inclusion where professionals of any age can come together for guidance and support. They want to help young professionals develop a sense of community, grow professionally, and build bridges across generational divides.

Our YP ERG has made a significant impact on our culture and has created a positive environment that fosters engagement, inclusion, and learning,” Sean Nass, executive sponsor for Young Professionals said. “They’re leading events, driving conversations, and leveraging their platform to take their careers where they want to. It’s very rewarding to see them grow in confidence.”

Networking and visibility with leadership

Our leaders get it. They understand how important our younger generations are to our overall success. And many of them are active participants in Young Professionals events. They host meetups like Beers & Careers and Coffee Talk where leaders take time to give career advice and answer questions all over a beer or a coffee. It’s laid-back. It’s casual, and there are vice presidents and senior vice presidents giving their undivided attention to our young and eager employees.

That access and visibility matters, and it’s made an impact. Tierra works in our Houston office and says the networking events have given her confidence in knowing what she’s doing is making a difference. “It’s made me a better employee,” Tierra said. “I’ve been able to build relationships and connect with people. It’s also helped me understand how my role adds value to Asurion’s overall vision.”

It not only helps break down generational barriers, but it also gives our team members a look into our big picture. “Our voices are heard here.” Tierra added.

Finding commonalities between generations

We’ve all heard them. “Baby Boomers won’t learn how to use new technology,” or “Millennials are lazy.” Generational stereotypes come from a lack of understanding. YP is starting the conversation, and to get people talking, they host an annual panel where team members of all ages have an open discussion. Conversation ranges from management styles, collaboration and development to common misconceptions and biases one generation may have toward the other.

“I’ve learned how to better understand and relate to millennials and Gen Z and what makes them tick,” Anthony, who works at one of our Nashville sites, said. He joined Young Professionals to learn more about the younger generations and how he can adjust his management style to benefit them. “By being exposed to these conversations and interactions it allows me to remove my prejudices and be more open to their way of thinking.”

Building up yourself and supporting the community

Young Professionals offers tons of opportunities to grow personally and professionally. There’s also an appreciation of community with our YP members. You can volunteer out in the community. You can network within the company. You can participate in financial seminars to boost your confidence about taking care of yourself for the future. Whatever you’re interested in, you have the opportunity to do it. The goal is simple: make an impact.

We get to connect with each other and share in each other’s career journeys which makes it even more special when we see our team members succeed,” Tierra said.

What’s even more exciting about Young Professionals is it’s a part of an even bigger picture of our diversity and inclusion efforts. When you join YP, you’re not just joining the Young Professionals ERG. You’re joining a broader family, our community, where we celebrate our differences. Because those are what make us, us.

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