Why Asurion?

Life and technology depend on one another. Asurion is a $7 billion tech company that helps people around the globe balance the two – and we’re hiring in the Bay Area.

What We Build

Asurion products reach more than 300 million users through our partners (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, DoCoMo and KDDI). Our San Mateo office develops innovative solutions through software engineering: natural language processing, machine learning, artificial intelligence and full-stack engineering. As technology changes, we’re always ready to adapt.


Uses artificial intelligence to address common customer inquiries


Backs up users’ photos and videos with unlimited storage space


Expands users’ technology skills with guides that take them step-by-step

Sales Portal

Helps create the best purchase and setup experience for customers

AT&T ProTech

Apps and tools that help AT&T customers get the most out of their technology


Delivers high-quality content through in-app notifications, email and SMS


Digitally connects older adults with their friends and families


Uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to address common customer inquiries


Backs up and preserves users’ photos and videos with unlimited storage space and full resolution

Sales Portal

Help AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint sales representatives create the best purchase and setup experience for their customers.


Expand your technology skills and knowledge with Experiences that take you step-by-step.


Securely stores passwords and checks if they’ve been compromised

New Initiatives

Brings smart devices together for an integrated connected home

How We Work: The Journey Team Model

Great work is driven by collaboration, not compartmentalization.

Asurion’s internal journey teams combine product, design and technology expertise, and constantly ask: “What’s the best customer experience?”

We don’t tell our journey teams what to do or how to do it. Instead, they innovate, test ideas, and drive improvements in the speed, reliability and efficiency of every product.

From entry-level jobs to seasoned industry veterans, every journey team member is critical. Are you San Mateo’s next great software developer, software programmer, or product design rockstar?

Product Manager: Aligns customer pain points and business objectives to identify product opportunities.
User Experience Designer: Assess the user’s perspective and design possible solutions.
Engineer: Design and program relevant software.
Quality Assurance Analyst: Test software implementation code.
Content Strategist: Write user-facing, value-driven content.
Data Scientist: Apply statistics and machine learning to every project’s ideation phase.

How You Grow With Us

For the past five years, Asurion’s revenue has increased exponentially. This growth mirrors the opportunities for personal advancement for our employees.

No matter your career path, you’ll make an impact at Asurion. We foster a culture of learning through a wealth of in-house resources:

Peer Led Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Lynda online business courses

Specialized Peer Groups, such as San Mateo User Experience (SMUX)

Amazon Web Services certification training

Bootcamp sessions with industry influencers

Leaders who embody the organization's core values

Peer Led Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Lynda online business courses

Specialized Peer Groups, such as San Mateo User Experience (SMUX)

Bootcamp sessions with industry influencers

Amazon Web Services certification training

Leaders who embody the organization's core values

Our Office

1400 Fashion Island Boulevard
Suite 700
San Mateo, CA 94404

Phone: (888) 881-2622
Fax: (650) 581-2785
Hours: M-F 8AM-5PM

Hear What Our Employees Have To Say

Our Leadership

keith waldorf

Keith Waldorf

VP Product

I really love building products and teams while putting people in a position to succeed. 

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Nick Hoh

Senior Director
Head of Product Design

 I look to other parts of design, like architecture, for inspiration and try to apply those forms into my work.

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Srinivasan Balasubramanian

Senior Director
Product Development

I grew up embracing change very early when I changed schools and apartments almost every other year. 

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Day in the Life of a…

UX Designer

Joy Jung
Sr. User Experience Designer

Describe your typical day?

“An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening.” – Chinese Proverb.

I do all my strategic work in the morning. When possible, I read news from TechCrunch or LinkedIn to see what’s new in the industry. Then, I meet with my team which includes members scattered around the world, including Brazil, India, Philippines and the U.S. (Tennessee and California). We use daily scrum meetings to stay on top of the game and move forward effectively as a team.

In the afternoon, I work with team leads from Product Management, Engineering and Product Design to review product performance and iterate on it, if necessary. We define project objectives, set goals and go through design sprints. We include pilot users in our design process, which helps ensure we’re building a product that is both user-friendly and desirable.

Before leaving work, I consolidate the day’s learnings and set goals for the remaining week.

What about the job excites you?

I’m a product designer who also does user research. Working with customers is very rewarding, as I can see how my work may improve the quality of their everyday life. I’m excited to have found a group of designers who share the same interest in our office. We formed a group called “User Research Tiger Team,” and we meet regularly to discuss and share UXR tools and tips. Our mission is to empower product teams to gain a better understanding of their customers and to discover opportunities through research methodologies. It’s been a rewarding experience, and it definitely makes my job more exciting.

What are some things you do to stay up-to-date with the changing industry?

Besides reading news from TechCrunch and LinkedIn, the design team often goes to design meetups or conferences to learn from other industry leaders. I appreciate the learning opportunities that leadership provides to my team. The learning culture at Asurion allows me to become a better designer and leader every day.

Product Manager

Hiral Shah
Director of Product Management
AVA Team

What are you working on?

I am currently working on putting AVA, an Advanced Virtual Assistant, in customers’ hands through various Asurion products. I joined Asurion after finishing my MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Prior to Asurion, I worked in venture capital, as well as in software engineering and product at Apple launching the first iPad and first CDMA iPhone. I have a Master of Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon.

Describe your typical day.

Currently, I lead a team of product managers focused on the virtual assistant platform, which solves user questions about device claims. The role of a product manager tends to vary depending the product lifecycle and the time of year. Hence, there is a wide range of day-to-day activities to perform, but ultimately a product manager is still responsible for doing whatever it takes to collaborate, remove roadblocks for the team and get the product in the customer’s hands.

My day starts with trying out my product. It helps me empathize with customers and understand challenges and opportunities. If I find bugs or inefficiencies, I dig further and read through NPS survey feedback to find a pattern.

I also spend significant time in collaboration with my team. I attend meetings with individual groups to help them remain in sync and overcome roadblocks. I also meet with other product managers to discuss strategy, prioritize work and take cues from the evolving market.

Across the organization, I work with marketing, sales, customer service, other product managers and stakeholders to ensure each team remains up-to-date and on track. However, my favorite part of my job is one-on-one meetings with members of my team where I can I learn from their perspectives and help them set and achieve goals. We provide feedback to each other,and I work to help remove organizational roadblocks so they can build the best product for the user.

What about the job excites you?

Since data is crucial to making well-informed product decisions, it’s important for product managers to understand and be able to pull data for analysis. While SQL and Excel skills are my best friends, enhanced tools such as Mixpanel and other visualization dashboards can answer most of the questions one might have about our work. Finally, the majority of my days as a product manager end with taking some time to read through and respond to emails.

What are some things you do to stay up-to-date with the changing industry?

All in all, I love my job because each day is so different. Besides looking inward at my product, I am always keeping  tabs on market trends by reading insights from TechCrunch and CB Insights. Attending conferences, such as Women In Product, helps me connect with other women leaders and enhance my product management skills through coaching and mentorship.

Data Scientist

Rakshesh Shah
Software Engineer 2
AVA Team

What are you working on?

I try to find our customers’ intent. For example, if they want to file a claim, cancel a claim or check its status, I use the natural language processing (NLP) technique by considering this a text classification problem. Techniques I use include linear and nonlinear machine-learning based models like random forest and logistic regression. I also do research on state-of-the-art techniques like deep learning-based models.

What’s you typical day like?

My typical day is no different than other data scientists. I clean data, gather labeled data, do error analysis, present accuracy numbers to the product team and of course, improve machine learning models.

What excites you about your job?

The most exciting part for me is getting real customer text data from the AVA chatbot. This text is not sophisticated. Users may add an emoji, misspell a word or use slang, Working with this text is always challenging and it keeps me motivated to find new techniques to solve problems. I also get a chance to work with software development lifecycle (SDLC) aspects like Agile, scrum, production release and JIRA.

What are some things you do to stay up to date with the changing industry?

I follow blogs about AI: KDnuggets, Analytics Vidhya and Medium. Being in the Bay Area, I take advantage of attending conferences, Meetups and more. I also enroll for courses on Coursera, Udacity and Udemy. Currently, I am enrolled in an NLP nanodegree.


Ryan Panos
Software Engineer 4
AT&T Expert Tools Team

What are you working on?

My team is building a web portal that gives experts the resources to address all technology-related issues for our customers.

Describe your typical day?

Most days I am discussing, negotiating and implementing requirements within our own Journey Team. We keep multi-person meetings very short, except for a weekly demo with the much larger AT&T team where we get to see what the other teams are building. This job has been special because every few months I also have the option to fly to our call centers to meet experts.

What about the job excites you?

This year may be the most productive of my career because I’ve learned React, built on my Python experience and developed some serious AWS skills. However, what really gets me excited are the growth opportunities. For instance, a group of us are studying machine learning through Coursera and recently attended a Python conference. I’ve also taken on countless Lynda classes, and Asurion was enthusiastic to provide our team with a React/Redux trainer. I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to our analytics analysis. I am especially motivated when I get to collaborate with product managers to improve user experience. Finding analytics insights that improve our work is my ideal form of that contribution simply because I get to solve real problems by leveraging data.  

I have worked in the industry for more than a decade but I have never worked for a company that invests in their employees more than Asurion does. The best part is the countless growth opportunities seem to be available to everyone, no matter how long they have been here.


Ryan Le
Software Engineer Intern
AT&T Product Engagement Team

What are you working on?

I work on producing content pieces for AT&T’s ProTech app. I help our team meet AT&T’s requirements in a timely manner. I have also been given the opportunity to help improve the system that sends content pieces to phones.

Your Typical day?

I work on developing templates, which utilize React.js for infrastructure. Around 11 a.m., I have my daily scrum meeting, where my team of six and I share updates. Following the meeting, I head out for lunch with a group of interns, usually somewhere in downtown San Mateo. After lunch, I spend the rest of the afternoon testing templates, making sure they lack typos and comply with AT&T’s accessibility guidelines. This requires me to test templates using a switch keyboard, which is a tool for people with different levels of dexterity, and also using screen reader software, which is used for people with vision-specific needs. Finally, toward the end of the day, I wind down with the other interns by playing one (or five) games of pool or Ping-Pong before going home.

What about the job excites you?

I look forward to working with my coworkers and other interns. Everyone at Asurion has been incredibly welcoming and it’s a nice feeling when the people you work with feel like your friends. Asurion does an amazing job of creating a work culture that promotes work-life balance. While we all work incredibly hard, everyone comes in with a positive attitude and is happy to be at work.

What has been one of your biggest takeaways from the internship?

I learned the importance of challenging yourself and constantly learning in the workplace. One of the first lessons in the beginning of my internship: if you stop learning from your job after three months, you should look for a different project or role to continue to learn. I can tell that Asurion really promotes this value because my manager and other managers seemed very open to providing opportunities for everyone to work on different projects and continue to challenge themselves.

Asurion Benefits and Perks

Asurion offers a wide range of choices for health, vision and dental coverage as well as flexible paid time off and a company-matched 401k after an employee’s first year.

Asurion’s award-winning MyWellbeing initiative goes a step further – providing employees with resources for establishing healthy lifestyles and financial security, including free access to personal health and financial coaches.

The Compassion Forward fund, to which all employees can optionally contribute, helps team members get back on their feet after catastrophic or life-altering events. Following Hurricane Harvey, the fund provided more than $326,000 to 212 employees in their time of need.


We strive to ensure all employees feel valued and have genuine opportunity to thrive. ​​The goal of commUnity, Asurion’s diversity and inclusion initiative, is to create and maintain a diverse and inclusive environment that gives life to creative ideas and solutions. We aspire for diversity, which includes varying demographics, abilities, skills, personality types, viewpoints, belief systems and life experiences.

Asurion has more cutting-edge technology than you can imagine. But at our core, we’re about people. We believe our employees are our greatest asset and invest in their growth through a culture of learning. Our dynamic and rewarding environment ensures that every team member has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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Growing Tech Careers at Asurion

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