Our Women’s Initiative Network raises the bar

At Asurion we want every team member to feel supported. WIN is one of our 10 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that help provide support within our broader diversity and inclusion initiative, commUnity.

The goal of the Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) is simple – inspire and empower. That’s why WIN is open to everyone regardless of gender and has chapters in many of our locations all over the world from the United States and Japan to the United Kingdom. By driving awareness and education about issues impacting women in the workplace, promoting positive change, and providing professional development, WIN is knocking down barriers and helping women reach their full potential.

WIN Chapter in Nashville celebrates International Women's Day
Nashville’s WIN Chapter celebrates International Women’s Day

Driving change

We empower our employees to push themselves and exceed their limits. So, it’s no surprise that from the start, WIN proved an ERG can spark change. WIN leadership guided leaders so they could make essential updates to our maternity programs and policies.

They made significant improvements: better parental leave, updated mother’s rooms, added expectant-mother parking and emotional support, launching the “What the baby just happened?” online social platform.

The first few years after a woman has a child are critical to her long-term career and earning potential,” Nikki Smith-Bartley, VP and Special Counsel for Diversity and Inclusion said. “To make sure women had the support and flexibility needed to succeed, WIN leaders partnered with HR and Benefits to benchmark our maternity benefits and support for new mothers against others in our industry.”

We have a Maternity Concierge, who guides expecting parents through pregnancy by creating custom resources tailored to the family’s exact healthcare benefits. Our Healthy Pregnancy program gives expecting moms around-the-clock access to nurses and resources as they prepare for their new arrival.

Asurion celebrates International Women's Day

With more than 15 chapters around the world, WIN is raising the bar at Asurion

WIN also shined a light on an opportunity to support our team members in the Philippines. They helped lead the charge to expand our newborn medical coverage, so it begins at birth and extends through six weeks of age. This improvement sets us apart from many other employers in the Philippines.

Open forum to listen and learn

Throughout the year, WIN provides opportunities for its members to grow professionally and promote positive change. Speed networking sessions across our U.S. locations connect women at any level with executives at Asurion. Through networking, both men and women are learning about the issues impacting women in the workplace and finding ways to promote positive change.

That’s how our #BeBold Breakfast series started up – through conversations. The breakfasts drive awareness of broader perspectives and experiences. Anyone can participate. We talk about issues related to inclusion and other “hot topics,” like the #MeToo movement.

Lean In published a study last year reporting that 30% of male managers were more uncomfortable being alone with women in the workplace following the #MeToo movement, not to mention hiring, promoting and mentoring women,” Smith-Bartley said. “This is a real problem for women, as it will drive even further isolation and decrease the likelihood of women being developed into leaders. Our approach to address the issue was to invite all employees to have a conversation about it. Women were able to share some of their real-world experiences with men, and men were able to ask questions in a non-judgmental environment.”

Be Bold Breakfast on Me Too Movement

WIN members lead discussion on the #MeToo Movement during one of our Be Bold Breakfast events

If you’re interested in getting out in the community and making a difference, WIN provides several opportunities throughout the year. They offer ways to get involved outside of Asurion, while still focusing on issues that help empower women in the area. For example, the WIN chapters in Nashville partner with the YWCA for their community opportunities. In 2019, they held a toiletry drive where all donations benefited victims of domestic violence staying at one of the YWCA’s shelters.

A commUnity for all

Thanks to our ERGs, we’re continuing to learn how to improve, and how to make sure every voice is heard – especially those under-represented in leadership.

If you don’t have a seat at the table, your perspective and interests are not reflected in planning and decision-making,” Smith-Bartley said. “That applies for all people who are under-represented in leadership, women included. Not only do needs get overlooked, but opportunities are also missed to find broader perspectives, new ideas and solutions that can improve your business and better support a diverse customer base. ERGs help to elevate those perspectives and opportunities to ensure all employees are represented.”

When you join an ERG at Asurion you’re joining a broader family, our commUnity, where we celebrate our differences and drive change for the better.

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