Software engineers at Asurion learn, build and love what they do

What it’s like to work at Asurion: Mentorship, growth and valuable work

Every day our engineers implement real products to help nearly 300 million people around the world solve the most common and uncommon tech issues. As a company, we help people protect, connect and enjoy the latest tech—to make life a little easier.

Asurion Software Engineer shares why he loves working at Asurion
Software engineer Daniel Cottone shares why he loves working at Asurion

We work differently than traditional software or technology companies,” said Daniel Cottone, software engineer at Asurion. “The whole way that we work is—less process the better, essentially. We move quickly, and there’s so much stuff to learn about.”

Daniel isn’t alone. Our engineers love working here, because we give them the space to do their best work, and the resources they need to succeed. Curiosity and an entrepreneurial spirit drive our engineers to constantly innovate.


We all remember being the new person at work with tons of questions, but not sure who to ask. When you join the Asurion team as a software engineer, we solve that problem for you. Every new software engineer gets assigned a mentor.

We want to make the new employee experience as good as we possibly can, both for us and for the new engineer. You’ll get paired with someone for the first few months,” said Daniel.

It’s more than just having someone there to answer questions, we’re putting a trusted coworker in your corner from the start. They’re there to provide guidance as you adjust to a new role.

Daniel joined Asurion as a junior software engineer in 2017. Since then, he says he’s had countless opportunities to sharpen his skills and try new things.

Personal and professional growth 

It’s been amazing to see the amount of progress I’ve made from when I first started at Asurion to now. I would’ve never expected to make this much personal growth and learn so much. It’s been an awesome experience.”

Daniel quickly advanced, and within his first year at Asurion became a tech lead software engineer, leading and mentoring other engineers using the Journey Team model.

“The Journey Teams model flips the traditional model on its head. Instead of being given tasks, you’re given problems to solve. The team comes together and tries to solve the problem in creative ways. It’s so different from the way I was used to working.”


Doing valuable work, together

Always with our customers in mind, our teams across the company are encouraged to collaborate and take ownership to drive business results. That clarity around goals and how we achieve them resonates with our employees.

The work we do is critical to the success of the company, and I know that because there’s a lot of transparency around what the company initiatives are, and all of that is communicated really well to everyone. The stuff I’m working on has a direct impact on the success of the company,” Daniel said.

The best ideas and solutions always rise to the top. The work environment is intentionally collaborative and team-focused, allowing space for passion and ideation.

We always say the best idea wins. It’s not ‘someone gets to make the decision because they’re the most senior,’ or something like that. Great ideas come from everywhere, including junior engineers,” Daniel said.

That job satisfaction became even clearer in a recent anonymous employee survey. ‘People,’ ‘culture’ and ‘team’ were the top three words employees used to describe why they like working at Asurion. In fact, 91% of our employees say Asurion is a great place to work. Read about our Great Place to Work certification here.

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