Meaningful work, growth and laser tag: An Asurion intern’s journey

Kate Lafrenz was a 2019 summer intern with Asurion’s Marketing team in Nashville, TN- this is her story:

No matter where you go to school or what your major is, you get the same advice – do an internship. What they don’t tell you is how important it is to find the right internship, with the right company for you. And for me, I found that with Asurion.

This isn’t your typical internship program. Asurion interns don’t get coffee, make copies or do grunt work. We do meaningful work. I interned with the Marketing team, where I worked on both internal and external Communications projects, and in the process became a certified Asurion Brand Ambassador. I met so many people; people who genuinely cared about making sure I had a great experience with Asurion and setting me up on the right path for life after interning. The Chief Marketing Officer even hosted an intern happy hour where we were given 1:1 time with both her and her team of VPs and senior directors.

My 10 weeks were packed full of amazing experiences, where I learned a lot about myself and what I want out of my future career.

Snapshot of Asurion’s top 100 internship program

Asurion interns work in Asurion offices in Nashville, TN; San Mateo, CA; and Sterling, VA. They’re recruited to help tackle projects in several areas throughout the company, including Technology, Product, Supply Chain, Customer Solutions, Marketing, Finance and Legal. Before diving in, all interns came together in Nashville for a week-long onboarding experience. We had the chance to learn about Asurion’s story and culture, speak directly with Asurion leaders, and tour the Supply Chain operations in Smyrna. We also had opportunities to get to know each other, both during a networking happy hour and heated laser tag battles.

In addition to working together, interns also lived together. For example, Nashville interns from out-of-town were provided apartment living together, which gave us easy access to all Nashville has to offer in our downtime.

Taking part in meaningful work

One of the best things about my internship experience at Asurion was the work itself – it’s exciting and relevant, and it kept my mind humming with creative ideas. And other interns agree. KeVon, who worked with the Software Engineering team, took part in a project that will have a positive business impact. “I worked with a team to create an Asurion photo processing service to detect fraud,” said KeVon. He says one of his favorite things was the encouragement of his leader. “I was supported from the very beginning of my internship,” KeVon shared. “My manager was an intern at Asurion and was passionate about making my internship experience amazing. He knew I could do it.”

Shaping career pathways

Internships at Asurion are not just focused on providing relevant work experience; they’re designed to help students shape and explore career pathways. I had the opportunity to connect with Asurion employees in all facets and levels of Marketing. In just a few weeks, I had a pretty good idea of how I could plug in and thrive; and you can’t find that in a classroom. Sanmathi, a Data Science intern, explained, “This internship gave me clarity to know that I can graduate and get a job I will love.” Marketing intern Taylor feels the same way. She said, “I saw myself grow at Asurion. I improved on adapting in a fast-paced work environment, juggling projects, and mastering the ins-and-outs of networking.”

This level of hands-on, real world experience is one of the reasons WayUp recognized Asurion for the second straight year as a top 100 internship in the country. Asurion also received two 2019 College Grad Awards, listing them among the Top Intern Employers and Top Entry Level Employers.

Asurion culture, according to interns

During a Marketing team offsite, I suddenly became aware that I was smiling like a dork. While I was really into whoever was talking at the time, the truth behind the smile was the overall moment I was in. Because I looked around, and I saw a room full of nearly 250 Asurion Marketing employees who are passionate about their jobs and Asurion. It made me think about how comfortable in my skin and fully supported I felt with this group.

Jason, a Software Engineering intern, says that the most beneficial piece of his internship was being encouraged to step out of his comfort zone. “I’m usually more comfortable learning from observation, but at Asurion I was encouraged to ask questions and face challenges head on.”

Other interns have similar stories to tell, like Reagan, who was a Data Analyst intern for Supply Chain. “I loved how everyone at Asurion has pride in what they do,” she shared. “They included me, and I felt like I was part of the team.” Interns themselves believe in the power of Asurion’s inclusive culture.

What’s next? Learning and growing.

I learned a lot during my internship at Asurion. Everything from where to find the best coffee in the building to how to develop a strategic plan. More importantly, I learned there’s a lot I don’t know. This is okay though, because I stepped out of my comfort zone and grew every day at Asurion.