Feeling the PRIDE: How Asurion fosters an inclusive culture

Asurion allows me to be who I am 100% of the time,” said Kirya, member of Asurion PRIDE. “I can be who I am at home and at work, and not have to change who I am for 8 hours of the day.”

When your team members feel valued and included, it shows. They feel comfortable being who they are, leading to more confidence and work that shines.

That’s why at Asurion, we want every team member to feel a sense of belonging – regardless of background, sexual orientation, identity, skills, beliefs, or life experiences. We want you to bring your whole self to work every day, and that’s our mission with commUnity – our Diversity & Inclusion platform.

About Asurion’s PRIDE Employee Resource Group

We believe diversity and inclusion is more than just a box to check; it’s essential for our business. Our PRIDE Employee Resource Group (ERG) is one of 10 ERGs – communities within Asurion where team members with common interests or backgrounds combine their voices to drive business impact. ERGs, like Pride, offer leadership development, community outreach, and so much more. Anyone can join and get involved.

Pride’s mission is to promote equality, education, and camaraderie at work while also offering training and career development for our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) team members.

Jen has been a part of the Asurion team for nearly six years and is proud of the company’s commitment to equality for all.

It means the world to me that Asurion is dedicated to diversity and inclusion,” said Jen. “But the support for the LGBTQ community over the last several years has brought me to tears of joy.”

Asurion recognized for policies supporting our LGBTQ team members

We’ve been named a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality by earning a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s (HRC) Corporate Equality Index (CEI) for 3 years in a row! This award recognized the changes we’ve made transforming our workplace culture for people of all gender expressions, gender identities, and sexual orientations. Learn more about how we earned the perfect score here.

The Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce recognized us in their 2019 Excellence in Business Awards, by awarding us the Corporate Diversity Award for our policies and practices supporting our LGBTQ team members. We were also named to Diversity Inc’s “Noteworthy Companies” list that focuses on key areas of diversity management, like talent development and leadership accountability.

These are more than just awards and recognitions – they highlight our commitment to diversity and inclusion. When people feel like they can be their whole selves at work, it’s one less thing for them to worry about.

“Coming out isn’t a one-time occurrence,” said Kimberly, who has worked at Asurion for over five years. “It happens over and over. Knowing that I can come to work and just be me gives me confidence to do my best work.”

Antonio, another Asurion PRIDE member, agrees. “I feel safe knowing that everyone here supports who I am as a person. I know I won’t be judged for who I love outside of work.”

Ongoing dialogue drives change

The commitment to diversity and inclusion at Asurion is evident throughout the team, starting with our executive leaders. They believe in making Asurion an open and welcoming environment for every single team member around the world. Through continuous conversations with ERG leaders, our executive team ensures all perspectives are heard and respected.

It gives me a sense of peace and comfort every day I come to work,” said Meredith, who is an active member of Asurion’s PRIDE ERG. “I know there are hundreds of people across the business who I can turn to for help or advice without fear of discrimination or judgment. It gives me a great sense of security and pride.

That ongoing dialogue allows for new ideas and solutions to improve our business and support our diverse customer base.

We also created a transformative educational program called Active Ally. This interactive training helps equip interested team members with how-to for being an effective supporter of their teammates who are part of the LGBTQ community.

Celebrating Pride

June is National Pride Month and we’re incredibly proud to take part. The festivities at our various locations last all month long, beginning with raising the Pride flag at our corporate headquarters in Nashville. Throughout 2019, we’re participating in six Pride parades (Houston, Nashville, Orlando, Philippines, Phoenix, and Las Vegas) and are hosting events at all our campuses.

Pride is part of our even bigger diversity and inclusion story. When you join Pride, you’re not just joining one ERG – you’re joining a family and our commUnity. A place where we celebrate our differences because those are what make us, us.

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