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Every day our employees help nearly 300 million people around the world solve the most common and uncommon tech issues. We’re a company that takes pride in not only helping people protect, connect and enjoy the latest tech, but also in giving our employees opportunities to grow their career and be successful.

Getting a foot in the door

At 19 years old, Jess was newly married and looking for her first professional job. She knew she was a people person and soon found her fit as a Customer Service Representative at Asurion. “I liked the aspect of helping customers,” she said. “It was cool helping customers get their phones up and running and being able to make their day.” After about five months, she transitioned to a Claims Verification Representative role where she continued the customer-facing work she enjoyed while also learning more about how the Asurion business works. It didn’t take long for Jess to realize that she wanted her job to turn into a career at Asurion.

Listen. Learn. Grow.

Even with that realization, Jess struggled to visualize her future. She knew she wanted to grow her professional skillset, but how? The solution for Jess was to listen to all the feedback she received, treat critical feedback as opportunities to learn, and say yes to those opportunities.

“You don’t always want to hear critical feedback from your mentors and supervisors, but I took that feedback as an opportunity to learn, grow and better my career. I didn’t give up.”

Visualizing your future

Jess continued her professional growth, learning from feedback and saying yes to opportunities. Her next role was as a People Services Coordinator. In this professional role, she coordinated special events for employees, managed budgets and ensured all employees in her area had access to updated training materials.

Jess put her people skills to work in a new way. This time, focusing on helping employees within the organization see areas of professional growth and development. “I felt like I was contributing to Asurion and making a difference in the lives of other employees.”

Paying it forward

Her natural skills and passion for helping people led Jess to her next position in internal recruiting. Internal recruiters focus on current employees’ skillsets and career goals, and work to match those employees to open positions within the company. “What attracted me to internal recruiting was the opportunity to support others in their career,” said Jess.

She continued to advance her career and was promoted to different professional roles. “Now, I’m coaching recruiters on how to help employees grow the same way I grew in my career at Asurion.”

Jess moved from supporting and serving customers to supporting and serving a team dedicated to helping employees. It’s all come full circle for her.

Jess’s career growth tips:

  • Express your career goals and ask your manager questions related to your goals.
  • Take all feedback and use it to grow.
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out and support a project that interests you—even if it’s in a different department (who knows, this could lead to new opportunities).

Jess has been with Asurion for 15 years and is currently a supervisor in Human Resources Solutions where she oversees internal recruiting, candidate experience and onboarding.

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